Call for nomination


Building Surveyor Awards 2019 is open for nomination under the following categories.


There are 2 groups in each category. A winner will be granted for each group. Maximum 6 awards will be granted. A Grand Award will be granted to one of the winning projects of all categories.


There are also Sustainability Award, Value Enhancement Award and Caring Practice Award to be granted to the highest scores in respective items of the shortlisted projects of all categories.


The nominated projects should be practically completed in the period between 1 April 2014 and 28 February 2019.




1. Definition for the 3 Categories


New Development
Projects involve new development / redevelopment & infrastructure. A&A Works of existing buildings are NOT included in this category.


A&A and Conversion
Projects / Buildings which involve alteration, addition or change in use of existing buildings.


Maintenance and Rehabilitation
Projects involve maintenance & repair, refurbishment or rehabilitation of existing buildings. The use of existing buildings will remain unchanged under this category.




2. Definition for the 2 Groups


Client / Client's Representative
Project teams under this group shall include the in-house professional teams of clients/ developers or project management consultants with substantial contributions by professional building surveyors and who assume the control and supervision over a project on behalf of clients.

Project teams under this group shall include those providing consultancy services with substantial contributions by professional building surveyors in design aspects, authorized person's capacity, etc. It excludes those project managements which should be included in the group for Client's Representative.




Please download below the nomination kit and application form



Nomination Fee


Submission Details


Deadline: 5 pm on 28 February 2019, Thursday (late submission will NOT be considered.)


Early-bird Nomination: Interested parties can submit the nomination form and the nomination fee by 21 December 2018, Friday for enjoying the early-bird discount of 20% and submit all the required documents by 5 pm on 28 February 2019, Thursday.


Complete nomination submission with all required documents, including forms and nomination fee must be delivered to:

Secretariat Office of BSA 2019
Attn: Ms Cherry CHENG
Rm 1706, 17/F, Fook Yip Building,
No.53 – 57 Kwai Fung Crescent
Kwai Fong, Hong Kong


Required Documents & Submission Format

  1. Crossed cheque payable to "Surveyors Services Limited"
  2. 8 sets of duly completed and signed nomination form
  3. 8 sets of duly completed project team details
  4. 8 sets of technical presentation materials (a maximum of 8 pages in A3 size) to describe the project in response to the respective list of assessment criteria.
  5. digital copies saved in CD-ROM which contains:
    ● items 2 & 3 above in "jpg" or "pdf" format
    ● Item 4 in "pdf" or "jpg" or "tiff" format and the image resolution is no less than 350dpi



  1. All submission should be written in English. [supplement with Chinese content if required]
  2. All the materials will not be returned to the applicant after submission.
  3. BSA 2019 Organizing Committee reserves the right to reproduce, print, and/or publish the materials submitted in either paper, electronic or other formats, or for any use in association with BSA.
  4. The information obtained will be used for BSA only.
  5. Applicants are required to submit the form for withdrawal of application and pay HK$1,000 administration fee per time for re-submission (if needed) on or before 28 February 2019, 5 p.m. (Thursday)